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Career Planning

Dynamic’s relationship with those individuals that make up its workforce is paramount to the success of both parties. Our culture demands a commitment to the team and to the collective mission. In exchange, Dynamic offers a commitment to the employee. This commitment is to offer the employees an open frontier of career opportunity and personal growth.

Dynamic combines proven training protocol with direct mentoring and formal and informal educational programs to offer the highest level of technical and professional growth opportunity for our personnel. We provide each individual with the tools, training and experience needed for their mission for success. We challenge our employees early and often in their careers to help them gain vital exposure to the critical elements of the industry. This includes exposure to technical design, administrative and regulatory issues, staff development, contract and agreement management, business development, quality control, client interaction and beyond.

By advancing the knowledge and accelerating the learning curve our employees, we increase their importance and value. This allows us to increase their compensation and to provide them with increased responsibilities and opportunities. The overall objective is to provide the framework for success and then to reward that success along the way.