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Dynamic Engineering was incorporated in 2003 and officially opened for business on April 1st, 2004. Jeffrey Spalt and John Palus launched Dynamic Engineering with a healthy dose of excitement and trepidation. Given the limited resources available at the time, our first “office” was set up in the basement of the Spalt household.

Within the first year of operations, we quickly established ourselves as knowledgeable and attentive consultants who could operate in an efficient and responsive manner while delivering high quality design and service for a fraction of what the large engineering firms would charge for a lesser consulting experience. This resulted in immediate success and growth through the first year of operation. As a result we quickly outgrew our basement headquarters and relocated to Lake Como, New Jersey.

Concurrently in 2004, Joe Jaworski was in the process of undertaking a similar challenge of starting an Engineering and Land Development consulting business at his house in Chester, New Jersey. At the time, Joe was still renovating his house, so his initial office arrangements were both frugal and mobile. Nonetheless, the business experienced immediate success and it did not take long for Jeff, John and Joe to realize that they shared an ideology and complementary skill sets that would only serve to make the sum greater than its parts. Joe merged with Dynamic Engineering in 2005 and things really started to heat up.

The very next year, Brett Skapinetz expressed interest in helping establish a great presence at our Chester office location. Brett joined Dynamic in July 2006 and has worked side by side with Joe in Chester every day since.

Since the inception of Dynamic Engineering we have protected our reputation by maintaining the highest standards of engineering aptitude and business etiquette. We have maintained an unwavering focus on the well-being and success of our personnel.

We have built a team comprised of the premier land development consulting and engineering talent in the industry. We have continued to uphold the highest standards of service and quality while remaining committed to operating efficiently and with minimized overhead so as to ensure our services can be delivered at a value to our clients. Our clientele appreciate that we operate with a focus on how their money is being spent both in design and through the permitting and entitlement process. As a result, we are being continually introduced to new and exciting opportunities.

These opportunities have led to the formation of additional branches on the Dynamic family tree. In 2007 we partnered with longtime friend and colleague Jeffrey Schaumburg, PE and launched Dynamic Earth, our geotechnical and environmental remediation company. Dynamic Earth has been on the forefront of Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Remediation design since its inception.

In 2011, Dynamic attracted another significant leader in the industry to join our partnership. Mark Whitaker joined Dynamic as a partner and principal in May, 2011 and quickly established himself as a leader and visionary. Under Mark’s direction Dynamic has grown and flourished within our core operating area in NJ as well as in expanded geographical areas including New England, the Mid-Atlantic , the Midwest and beyond. Mark’s unique capabilities to integrate the Dynamic capabilities into the framework of a client’s team are both respected and valued by our clients across the nation.

Dynamic has been fortunate to attract several other significant leaders of the industry to join our partnership as well over the years. These include Daniel Dougherty, Douglas Grysko, Joseph Sparone, Steve Schwartz, and Robert Freud. We have also successfully trained and developed new leaders and partners from within our ranks. These include James Henry and Samuel Chung who are both partners and Principals at Dynamic as well as highly regarded professional engineers.

In early 2012, we partnered with another longtime friend and well respected traffic engineer Nicholas Verderese, PE, PTOE to bring Dynamic Traffic into our family. When Nick joined the firm, he had over 20 years of experience in Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning. Then, in 2014, Dynamic Traffic merged with Staigar Peregoy LLC. At that time, Joseph Staigar, PE, PTOE joined Dynamic Traffic bringing his 30 years of Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Experience.

In 2013, we teamed with another friend of the firm, Craig Black, PE, PLS, to create Dynamic Survey. Craig had a substantial amount of experience as both a land and marine surveyor. We capitalized on this opportunity to create a surveying company that has the ability to produce high quality land and marine surveys with a focus on value and service. Craig brings a unique perspective as a Professional Land Surveyor and Professional Engineer offering his exceptional insight as a dually trained and licensed professional during construction.

In 2014, Dynamic formalized its operational presence in the Midwest by starting offices in the Dallas and Houston markets. Josh Edge joined Dynamic in 2014 to start our regional office in the Dallas suburb of Allen. Josh has established Dynamic as a unique option for Texas based developers looking for a level of service and value previously unavailable in the area.

The future is bright for Dynamic and the healthy culture and strong technical capabilities offered by our partners and staff provide for the foundation needed for strategic growth as necessary to meet the ever expanding needs of our clients. We will continue to respond to our clients in such a way as to offer them the professional services they need, when and where they need them.