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Geotechnical – Soils Engineering

Dynamic Earth, LLC provides geotechnical engineering and environmental consulting services ranging from preliminary due diligence phase studies through comprehensive site investigation, design and construction phase consulting, testing and inspection . We serve a mix of private and public sector clients on projects ranging from minor site and infrastructure improvements to high rise buildings and bridge foundations. Our client often is the project owner or another design professional (such as civil engineer, architect or structural engineer).

We pride ourselves on promoting the geoprofessional as an integral part of the project team with accountability to the overall success of the project. Our geotechnical and environmental expertise is augmented by an in depth understanding of the overall land development process from initial real estate or feasibility considerations through construction contracting and dispute resolution. Our unique skill set and industry insight empowers us to provide valuable, project specific consulting services beyond the presentation of subsurface data and sound technical recommendations. Our firm strives to be actively involved in the iterative design process to ensure that the information is not only submitted, but also understood and acted upon to optimize the geotechnical and environmental aspects of the project and protect the owner from geoenvironmental risks. Our goal is to get your project successfully out of the ground.

Geotechnical Services

A sample of our Geotechnical services includes the following:

Preliminary Due Diligence Phase Investigations to expend a minimal amount of time and resources while reviewing general geologic conditions, conducting limited site exploration, and preliminarily characterizing anticipated project schedule or cost impactive conditions during the initial conceptual stage of a project.

Design Level Geotechnical Investigations to obtain sufficient geotechnical information with soil borings, cone penetration tests, test excavations, and/or geophysical evaluation to present recommendations and design parameters for foundations, pavements, floor slabs, retaining structures, earthwork and grading, groundwater control, seismic classification, ground improvement programs, and construction considerations.

Building Code Compliance Documentation and permitting support, including Philadelphia Special Inspections programs, New York City Controlled Inspections including TR-1 and TR-4 requirements, Fairfax and Loudoun County Virginia Geotechnical Requirements, etc.

Forensic Investigations to evaluate failed or distressed buildings, walls, slopes and other structures that are not performing properly, including design and monitoring of recommended repairs and litigation support.

Karst (Sinkhole Area) Geologic Hazard Evaluation and mitigation including geophysical and intrusive investigation.

Mining Subsidence Investigations for redevelopment of formerly mined areas.

Retaining Wall or Reinforced Slope analyses and design or design review, including local and global stability analyses.

Slope Stability Evaluations for both proposed new slopes or for existing slopes relevant to potential shallow or deep landslide failures and designing improvements where unstable conditions are determined.

Seasonal High Groundwater determination and permeability testing for use in stormwater management or subsurface sewage disposal designs.

Hydrogeologic Analysis and Testing, including various aquifer permeability tests to estimate inflow rates for dewatering design for construction excavations or permanent basement levels.

Pavement Design for parking, streets or roadways and existing pavement assessments to assess options for rehabilitation or replacement for various design life cycles.

Groundwater Mounding Analysis to evaluate the impacts of stormwater or sewage discharges on groundwater levels and adjacent properties.

Seismic Response Evaluations and characterization of site geologic conditions to meet seismic design requirements.

Expert Witness Testimony to support new applications with unique geologic hazards or ordinance requirements and/or to support litigation.

Bid document and Construction Document Preparation assistance to ensure that contractual mechanisms are established to inform bidders of site conditions, to account for known conditions requiring special time or budgetary allocations, and to provide a means to address potentially differing conditions.

Construction Phase Testing, Inspection and Consultation to provide quality control and to implement sound field engineering recommendations.

Septic System design and permitting services, including on site subsurface sewage disposal systems for flows of 600 gpd to 80,000 gpd, including design of specialty pre-treatment systems, disposal beds, pumping and distribution systems and state and local permitting.

Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) Amendments to support septic or sewer system applications.

Construction Management of geotechnical earthwork operations, including budgetary tracking and compliance.

Geotechnical Design-Build Partnering to provide turnkey mitigation of unique hazards requiring specialty ground improvement or foundation design.

Temporary Shoring, Bracing and Underpinning Design to support safe construction excavation or installations in tight urban conditions.

Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring to measure and proactively control vibrations, structural movement, settlement and earth pressures.

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