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Marine & Hydrographic Surveys

Dynamic Survey LLC provides underwater Marine and Hydrographic Surveying Services in addition to our land surveying capabilities. Marine and Hydrographic Surveys performed for water front development projects, maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging, and other offshore environmental projects. The mapping of existing conditions along the shorelines is dependent on the soundings, tides, currents and seafloor environment.

Our staff has certified divers and surveyors have experience with single beam, side scan sonar and multi beam sounding technology. Utilizing these technologies will provide existing conditions in and along the rivers, bays or oceans for contractors or developers to get an accurate reflection of the conditions underwater, any underwater hazards, which allow for waterfront development, dredging, bridge, pier, marine design, stormwater management, erosion and martime navigation project design projects to be constructed safely and in a timely manner.