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Ecological & Wetlands Studies

Dynamic Engineering’s team of certified wetland scientists and biologists conduct environmental evaluations including freshwater wetlands delineations and threatened and endangered surveys throughout the northeast, south, and mid-west.

If freshwater wetland areas, or other environmentally sensitive areas are identified during preliminary due diligence, we work with specialists to identify any threatened and endangered species, habitats, or ecological factors that may limit the development of a parcel.

Our specialists work closely with the Department of Environmental Protection on each individual project to ensure the wetland area is accurately delineated and each project is reviewed in a timely fashion.

Certain types of construction activities, that do not have a significant impact to environmentally sensitive areas, can be completed if the appropriate State land development / land use permits are obtained. Through collaboration with our clients, applicable regulations can be identified and necessary permits can be obtained to ensure successful completion of each project.

These activities include Federal or State General Permits, Transition Area Waivers as well as permits to fill isolated wetland areas.